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Creating psychologically safe environments

Hi, I'm Chrissy

Working with individuals and organisations to create psychological safety for all.

I’m Chrissy Orson, BACP registered psychotherapist and ICF member coach.  I have over 15 years of experience supporting the mental health of individuals, groups and organisations.

Life’s challenges can be overwhelming, but they can also provide opportunities for growth and transformation.  I strive to offer a judgement-free, empathic space for individuals or organisations to explore their concerns and work towards meaningful change.

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What is
Psychological Safety?

Working with individuals and organisations to create psychological safety for all.

Feeling psychologically safe is fundamental for us to be at our best, whether in work or our personal lives. It means you can speak up, express ideas and be yourself without fearing negative consequences.  When you’re in a psychologically safe environment, you feel supported, respected, and empowered. 

In the workplace it strengthens teams and promotes innovation. Within the therapy or coaching space, it allows you to explore the reasons behind why you feel or respond in certain ways without fear of judgement, and with compassion for yourself.  I believe it is vital to create psychologically safe environments, whether I’m working with individuals, teams or large organisations. 

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