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Supervision in Education


Supervision in Education

Until a few years ago, if you mentioned supervision within an education setting, thoughts would likely turn to being observed or sanctions given to pupils. There was unlikely to be any thought of ‘supervision’ as being a supportive relationship where you are encouraged to unpack and reflect upon the emotional impacts of your role.

Thankfully, over the last few years, there has been a growing interest in the use of reflective supervision to support staff working in education. This non-managerial time for reflective practice supports individuals to buffer the stress of their roles, and promote positive wellbeing and resilience.  We have recognised that education staff are dealing with more challenges than ever before. Higher rates of SEND, mental health issues, retention of teaching staff, increasing social care thresholds, ever climbing numbers of safeguarding disclosures…

The list could go on! And that’s not to mention that during the Covid-19 pandemic, you had school leaders suddenly having to make decisions about the health, and even lives of their staff as guidance changed on a weekly basis! Is it any wonder that we’re feeling the impact?

Supervision in Challenging Circumstances

Supervision is not a model which implies deficit in either the individual or the educational setting. It’s a recognition that these roles are demanding and often emotionally taxing, and that we want to support the individual to stay psychologically well because they are valuable.

You make seek additional supervision in challenging circumstances, but supervision is not just for when there is a problem. Supervision should be a planned, protected, regular space for you to get open and honest, to celebrate your achievements, but also to bring and reflect upon your challenges and how they’re impacting you.

By utilising regular supervision, you can prevent burnout, compassion fatigue and reactivity. It can promote resilience and increase your resources, both professionally and personally. To see more general information about Reflective Supervision and its functions please have a look at our Reflective Supervision for organisations. 

Want to learn more about how supervision can support within your setting? Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation chat.


Who is Supervision for?

Supervision can be useful for many roles in education, including:

A Note to Heads...

Decisions about supervision in a school are likely to come down to budget, so you should consider where the impact is most needed for you. I would strongly suggest considering supervision for yourself if you’re in a leadership role as it’s very easy to think “I’ll be OK, they should have the opportunity”. Please don’t underestimate being the one responsible to OFSTED, your trust or LA. Often the higher individuals get in terms of leadership, the more isolating a role can be. A safe space can be vital to keep you as the leader you want to be.

Want to learn more about how supervision can support within your setting? Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation chat.

Supervision sessions are by their nature, a confidential space. However, there are some exceptions to this, including child protection concerns. All discussions will remain completely confidential except for the following:

  • A safeguarding concern about a child/young person or vulnerable adult.
  • A serious mental health concern.
  • Breaches of professional conduct
  • Illegal activity
  • Risk to self or others

All disclosure will be treated with a high level of discretion, and where appropriate and possible the individual will be involved in reporting the disclosure to the relevant parties.


Supervision sessions start at…

Sessions can be offered online or in-person (depending on location).

The time/space should be protected and free from interruptions except for emergencies.  I am also able to offer supervision within small groups (6 or less). Prices to be agreed. Supervision should take place half-termly for education settings. If you have another arrangement in mind, please contact me to discuss the practicalities of this and whether it is something I can support with.

If you are looking for a supervision package for multiple team members, please contact me to discuss your needs and the associated investment for this.